Carlos Correa – The legal Status of Data: Are They Copyrightable?

South Centre, Geneva

The legal characterization and design of a legal regime for data poses one of the most important contemporary challenges to scholars, law professionals and policy makers. How such a framework is designed matters for what kind of insertion a society will have in the digital economy, and the extent to which a country will be able to benefit from the opportunities opened by big data. Are data copyrightable? What other legal frameworks can be applied having in view differences in legal systems, levels of economic and technological development, and national objectives and priorities?

Prof. Carlos Maria Correa is the Executive Director of the South Centre, an intergovernmental organization established in Geneva. He has been Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Industrial Property and Economics (University of Buenos Aires), a visiting professor in post-graduate courses of several universities and consultant to UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNDP, WHO, FAO, IDB, INTAL, World Bank, SELA, ECLA, and other regional and international organizations. He has participated in international negotiations on trade, technology transfer, genetic resources and intellectual property, advised several governments and non-governmental organizations, conducted and supervised policy-oriented research, and published several books and numerous journal articles. He was a member, inter alia, of the UK Commission on Intellectual Property, of various expert groups convened by the World Health Organization, and of the FAO Panel of Eminent Experts on Ethics in Food and Agriculture.

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